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Link Download and How to Fix Crying Filter on Snapchat Not Recording Issue 2022

Hi, everyone. Welcome to my site, in this article we will explain about Snapchat tutorial. I'll show you how to fix the issue where Snapchat is only taking a photo when using the Crying filter.

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So I've had many comments on my previous konten where users were saying it is only taking a photo of them with the crying filter not a video.

So in this konten I'll show you how we can hopefully resolve this issue I've tried this crime filter on four different phones iPhone 6s, iPhone 12 pro max, Samsung s22, and the google pixel 3. 

The grind filter worked on all the phones and I was able to take a video using the filter. So let's see what could go wrong in this first make sure you update your Snapchat to the latest version.

Download Snapchat App

Download Snapchat App

On iOS, the version should be Click Here

While on Android play store the version should be Click here

How to Fix Crying Filter on Snapchat Not Recording Issue 2022

So first let me show you how the filter works it could be just a user error hence you're not able to use the video feature. 

  • Open up the Snapchat filter, and now search for the crying filter.
  • Tap on this filter which looks like a crying face this should take you into the recording screen of Snapchat.
  • Show your face and it should change your face to the crying face
  • Now to take a photo of your crying face you need to tap once on the crying face icon and this will take a photo.

Now to take a video hold and press the crying icon on your screen. You should see this yellow progress bar up here showing you the time it has recorded.

This means you're taking a video of the crying filter. Now if you tap on the icon at the right hand side this will take you into the photo mode and will show you a photo from your photo gallery.

Don't go into that mode if you want to shoot a video using the filter. The next thing what you could try is to reset the cache on Snapchat on an iPhone you need to do this within the app and on android, you can do this through the operating system.

For iPhones, 

  • You can go into Snapchat settings
  • Scroll all the way down and tap on clear cache all your cache will be cleared and Snapchat will restart
  • Don't worry your memory backup won't be deleted 
  • Once Snapchat restarts retry the crying lens filter 

For android, 

  • You can go into settings 
  • Search for apps tap on it then scroll through the apps and find Snapchat, tap on it again
  • Then scroll down and tap on storage here clear data and clear cache 
  • Please bear in mind Snapchat will log out and all your settings will be reset memories backup will stay so don't worry about that.
  • After that try recording a video on the crying lens 

If the before tips does not work then you could try my next tips. This tip is more like a workaround since you cannot take a video screen and record your screen using the screen recorder however bear in mind you will see all these controls on screen.

If that does not work for you then I would say you need to report this to Snapchat support. So they can assist you in this you can do this by tapping on your profile photo at the top left then tap on Settings at the top right scroll down until you find I spotted a bug.

Tap on the camera at the top and type your issue out where you're unable to take a video using the prying filter. Make sure to list on what phone you have what operating system example android or iPhone and what version of operating system you're running.

Then the version of your Snapchat you're running next upload a screenshot of the issue down below that choose a topic and make sure you select the camera lens. Then tap on submit hopefully following all these steps you'll be able to resolve the issue with your Snapchat crying filter.

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